Welcome to your mentoring community!



Together happens here! Together is where we talk and listen and realize our stories are not all that different. Together is where two or more are gathered in Jesus’ name and is where God designed us to be.


You belong here because your life is a story of God’s grace and forgiveness that’s just too powerful to keep to yourself. You belong here because you desire to be real with others and have deeper conversations. You belong here so you can pour in, while Jesus and sisters fill you up. That’s what prayer-focused mentoring is all about!


Together, we look to Jesus to become all that He desires each of us to be within our own unique mentoring relationships. In community, you will grow in confidence and become a better-equipped mentor, mentee, and ministry leader.


  • tips & strategies for prayer-focused mentoring

  • collaborative discussions that unpack questions & topics

  • insight into mentor & mentee perspectives

  • encouragement & prayer from group ambassadors

  • events, workshops & live chats